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REChain.Online comes with a dream

Imagine a world where everyone can choose the messenger they like and is still able to chat with all of their friends.
A world where there are no companies spying on you when you send selfies to friends and lovers.
And a world where apps are made for fluffyness and not for profit. ♥

REChain 🪐 - primarily designed as a security and privacy analysis fully focused on the use of platform moments and messages for communication, built on a source code library, including those developed by us, for those who respect freedom and privacy, as well as the safety and security of personal data. Our task was to make a tool pleasant and enjoyable to use, with which each of you can communicate, expand content, create workspaces, organize a workflow. 🌈
We strive to show all the world's giants that it is possible to create cool products that are of great importance for society, for people to interact with each other, without selling advertising, personal data of users, their rights and freedoms! 🦄
At the end of 2021, the number of downloads in the AppStore, Mac AppStore, Google Play Market, and REChain.Store exceeded 13 million downloads. 📡


### v@2.72.1 REChain.Online - 2022-05-09 ### CHANGELOG for the REChain 🪐 Platform! ### design: Display icon for failed sent messages; design: Display own stories at first place and combine with new stories button; feat: Add "Show related DMs in spaces" settings; feat: Better image sending experience; feat: Display event timestamp if selected; feat: Faster image resizing; feat: Groups and Direct Chats virtual spaces option; feat: New onboarding design; feat: Play audio messages in stories; feat: Use native imaging for much faster thumbnail calc on mobile; feat: Add Dockerfile for nginx/web builds; feat: Allow to create widgets; feat: Remove diacritics; feat: Irish language support; feat: Enable screensharing on Mobile; feat: Support AppImage builds; feat: Improve spaces design; fix: Android theme is not auto updating when system theme changes; fix: Chat view becomes gray for a second on sending reaction; fix: Don't request new thumbnail resolution on every window resize; fix: Dont display own failed-to-send events in stories; fix: Hide markdown in chat list preview and local notifications; fix: Hide pinned events if event is not accessable or loading; fix: Image sending; fix: Make audioplayer waveforms thinner and better clickable; fix: Some story layout bugs; fix: Widgets dialog crashes; fix: Login form supports switching fields via tab; chore: Add initial integration tests; refactor: New push;